Scam Alert!

Every Day hundreds and thousands of innocent people are being targeted by scammers and unfortunately seniors are the most vulnerable group of people. Investor Protection trust has conducted a survey in June 2010, which revealed that 7.3 million senior citizens aged 65 and older have been victims of various scams.
Health Insurance Fraud, Sweepstakes and Lottery Scams, Investment and Work at Home Opportunities, Internet fraud are some of the frauds targeted towards the seniors. Some of the alert tips for seniors to protect from scam are listed below:

• Do not reveal your Bank account details, ATM card details, email id, pass words, social security number, driver’s license number etc, to others unless essential and trust worthy.
• Never sign blank insurance forms or any other blank papers or documents.
• Keep a good record of all health care and other important documents.
• Never give your insurance/Medicare identification to anyone except those who have actually provided the medical services.
• Do not pay any amount in advance for services.
• Do not pay any amount to self styled messengers of companies without proper authentication.
• Always take your own time to arrive at the important decisions on financial matters. Never be in a hurry while taking financial transactions.
• Be careful about internet frauds.
• Don’t judge a person or company by the website.
Attractive websites can be set up easily.

FBI-Seniors provide information on scams seniors are facing and some tips to handle them. is another useful website that provides 6 tips to avoid scams for seniors. Following is a video describing the scams and tips for seniors.

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