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  • Travelling is an excellent way to rejuvenate mind and body. There are many advantages for people over 50 with discounts on hotels, airfares being few of them. There are many places to explore and have fun by travelling with a group or alone. Camping with your family or friends, visiting an art exhibition, going on a long cruise, planning a stay in a resort are some of them. A properly planned trip not only goes well, but is much safer, affordable and easier. There are many resources available to make travel a memorable experience for a lifetime.Travel for Seniors offers discounts and travel tips for seniors.

    AccessTravelCenter is an online resource for senior travel. Coupons, deals, travel discounts and various other resources are available in this site.

    Elder treks is a First adventure travel Company designed for seniors aged 50 and over.

    Whatever be the place you are travelling to, there are some basic things to follow to make the trip successful and enjoyable. Following are some of them.

    Consult your doctor before going on a trip to discuss about your health, medications, and vaccinations to be taken.

  • Prepare a list of places to be visited and items to be purchased either for self or for giving as gifts to friends and relatives.
  •  Keep an extra flat fabric bag with you so that all the purchased items can be placed in it which will ease the way through customs.
  •  Note the shopping hours and visiting hours of tourist spots.
  •  Select a good tour guide carefully.
  •  Avoid dangerous and risky places and shortcuts. Do not move alone, especially at nights.
  •  Avoid costly dress and jewelry. Be simple and maintain a low profile during tours and travel.
  •  Never give room number and address to unknown persons.
  •  Keep money carefully without giving chance for theft. It is better to keep most of the money in the form of travelers’ checks and only a limited amount in cash with required smaller denominations.
  •  Stick to the basic rule,” Be a Roman in Rome.
  • Never stand when there is a chance to sit.
  •  Never sit when there is a chance to lie down


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