Eating Well

Eating well is important for seniors to maintain positive outlook and emotional balance. As the age advances, the requirement for vitamins, minerals like calcium & potassium increases where as the requirement for sugar & salt decreases. Make sure to include fresh fruits & vegetables, whole, fortified and enriched grains and cereals, pro biotic yogurt in your diet. These foods have high nutrients, dietary fiber, and less saturated fat and also provide you with necessary calories.
Copy and paste this link into your browser for an example of the modified Food Pyramid for older adults.

Tuft Researchers have suggested that this pyramid is for healthy and mobile seniors with resources to make meals. Seniors with significant health problems should consult their physician before deciding on any diet changes. The purpose of the pyramid is to emphasize the message that eating well has a positive impact on people over the age seventy.

Cleveland Seniors has a wonderful collection of recipes for seniors.

Following is the video describing the nutrition tips for seniors

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