Exercises are necessary for seniors to stay strong, energetic and healthy by keeping illness at a distance and for improving the quality of life. National Institutes of Health recommend mainly four types of exercises for seniors as detailed below:-


• Balancing exercises including both static balance and dynamic balance help improve posture, balance and quality of life and most important thing in old age, reduce the risk of falling.
• Endurance exercises like walking, climbing of stairs, swimming, hiking, cycling, rowing, playing tennis and dancing help lessen fatigue and shortness of breath and improve the endurance.
• Stretching exercises can be done through statistic stretches or ballistic stretches to keep the body limber and flexible which will help in daily activities like driving, shampooing of hair, wearing shoes and playing with grand children.
• Strengthening exercises like repetitive motion using weights or machines or elastic bands help to prevent loss of bone mass, builds muscles and help to keep active in daily life.


Apart from exercising, find daily activities that help you to stay fit. Some of them are:
• Doing Household Chores like vacuuming, lawn mowing, raking leaves etc.
• Climbing stairs rather than taking an elevator.
• Do light stretches when watching T V.
• Go for a Walk.
• Play with Your Grandkids.


Don’t let the age and current physical conditions refrain you from doing exercise. Discuss your health concerns with your doctor and plan an exercise regime that suits you. Start out slow and stop when it hurts or makes you feel lousy. Remember the key is to listen to your body.

Below is a video describing step exercises for seniors


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