Reduce Stress

Stress is a feeling created in response to the events surrounding us. Stress can be Acute (short term) or Chronic (Long Term). Loss of a friend or a family member, declining health, medical insurance and money are some of the reasons for stress in seniors.

Since evolution, humans have a built-in technique for dealing with stress: The flight or fight response. The situations we face today are different, but still the same physiological changes occur and we have lots of techniques available to reduce stress.
Few things that can be done to reduce stress are:

• Identify the contributing factors for stress so that you can overcome them if possible or otherwise learn to handle and live along with them.
• Communicate by expressing the inner feelings to a friend. Get someone to listen and be prepared to listen to others.
• Learn to relax through yoga and meditation. • Participate in activities like aerobics, dance, sports and games.
• Listen to favorite music and attend to good concerts.
• Explore alternative therapies like Acupuncture, Hypnotherapy, Counseling, Relaxation and Visualization.

Following is a video showing chair exercises for alleviating stress

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