Gone are the days, where retirement was meant for staying at home and taking rest. A recent report by Employee Benefits Research Institute shows that percentage of people aged 55 and older in the workforce reached to 40.25 in2010, the highest level in 35 Years.

The reasons for the surge in employment are various with unstable economy, longer life expectancy and personal choice being some of them. Whatever be the reasons, there are advantages associated with delaying retirement, some of them are

Financial Security—the major benefit for working longer is increased personal finances and less chances of running out of money.
Insurance Benefits—Medicare is available to seniors from age 65 but doesn’t provide proper coverage. Working with an employer helps to retain the group health insurance plan.
Social Skills—going to a job can help to improve your confidence as you tend to interact with people and make friends. The more you socialize, lower are the chances of being depressed.
Better Economy—more work is more income which means increased spending capacity which is good for the economy.

Tips for job seekers
• Decide on the job you want to get into and work step by step towards it. Jobs that are commonly filled by seniors are Chemists, Researchers, School bus drivers, bookkeepers, cashiers, executives and managers.
• Build a resume. Take experts suggestions if needed. There are lots of valuable resources available online.Quintcareers has great tips on resume building and writing cover letters.
• Post your resume in retirement job boards.
• Practice your interviewing skills.
• Try to look for work that can be done as a project or temporary basis rather than full time.

Below is a video describing ways to find a job for seniors

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